Our Team

Construction Law Solicitor

Len Watt - Principal

Our director is Len Watt. Len spent 25 years in the building industry, before completing a law degree.

In the legal industry, Len has gained experience working as a property lawyer and within general commercial law areas; working with a variety of experienced and accomplished construction law solicitors in Brisbane and all over Australia. Given the depth of his experience in the building industry, Len is also an experienced and highly competent building and construction law solicitor who knows the building industry and understands the people who work in it.

Before embarking on a career as a construction law solicitor and during his career in the building industry, Len worked in various positions, from an apprentice carpenter to working on multi-storey high rise residential buildings as a project manager.

Due to Len’s vast experience in the building industry, he is easily able to understand building issues or disputes. Len can provide cost effective solutions to building and construction legal problems, as well as risk management advice grounded in a solid industry background so you get the most out of your construction law solicitor.