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The 8 Types of Construction Contracts

In the construction world, from towering skyscrapers to residential homes, the foundation isn’t just in the concrete or steel—it’s also in the contracts that bind the vision to reality. These contracts are blueprints for expectations, budgets, and timelines, guiding projects to successful completion. But they’re more than just paperwork; they’re a critical tool for managing […]

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Cranes and building construction

What You Must Know About Licensing under the Queensland Building and Construction Industry Act 1991

In the ever-evolving landscape of the building and construction industry, navigating legal complexities is paramount for every builder’s and tradesperson’s success. Among the crucial aspects that builders and tradespersons need to comprehend are the licensing requirements outlined in the Queensland Building and Construction Industry Act 1991 (Qld) (the “QBCC Act”). These requirements hold significant importance, […]

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Do I Really Need A Construction Solicitor? Everything You Need To Know

Do I really need a building and construction lawyer?

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Building Contract Solicitor

Do I have to provide an itemised bill?
You finished a job and provided the homeowner with an invoice that is in accordance with your quote, the homeowner responds by asking you

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Damages for delay in construction contracts

In today’s episode of Talking Legal, construction lawyer, Duncan Brown, discusses damages for delay in construction contracts.

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