Building and Construction Law

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What You Need to Know About Construction Law

Brisbane building contract solicitor What is Construction Law? Construction Law includes (but is not limited to) domestic, commercial, industrial, mining and infrastructure.

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How to Settle a Contract Dispute

Property Dispute Lawyers Disputes within the building and construction industries are a fact of life. Disputes about payment, disputes about contractual terms or about any manner of different issues are often a part of a building or construction project.

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Do You Qualify for a First Home Owners Grant?

Conveyancing Lawyers Brisbane Qualifying for a First Home Owners’ Grant Have you always dreamed of buying your own home? Are you currently saving and aiming to purchase your first home in the near future?

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How to Deal with Delay and Disruption

Construction contracts lawyer As a builder, it’s important to understand how delays and disruptions to a project are treated in law and what you could be liable for. It is essential you engage a professional, thorough and experienced construction contract’s lawyer. First, some definitions. Delay measures the time a project may be stopped for or extended. […]

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Is there a problem with the QBCC?

QBCC Disputes The Queensland Building and Construction Commission, or the QBCC, is unique. It is the building industry regulator which deals with QBCC disputes and the licensing authority. However, somewhat uniquely it is also the provider of Home Owners Warranty insurance to consumers entering into contracts for residential construction. Additionally, it is the home of the […]

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