Building and Construction Law

Builder with his plans

Len Watt understand’s the building Industry

Construction Contract Solicitor I’ve walked in your shoes! As I have pretty well established by now, the law is my second major career. Prior to going to Uni in 2009 and becoming a Construction contract solicitor. I was working in the building and construction industries. My last project in the building industry was in Townsville, […]

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From Building Homes to Building Cases

Building & Construction Lawyers I was recently at a client’s house, helping them with legal matters when they pointed out that I seemed to understand their issues very quickly. A commercial builder had earlier made a similar comment and it made me realise that there’s a good reason for this due to my previous work […]

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Bricks during construction

Am I an Excluded Person? QBCC Dispute Resolution

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is responsible for licensing Queensland Builders, Contractors, QBCC dispute resolution and Certifiers. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (Qld) (QBCC Act) and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Regulation 2003 (QBCC Regulation) are the two primary sources of legislation which regulates the building industry in Queensland. […]

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Castle bricks

A Man’s Home is his Castle? Construction Lawyers

Legal representation QCAT The saying ‘A man’s home is his castle’ is attributed to 17th Century English politician and jurist Sir Edward Coke, who used the statement in argument for the supremacy of the common law and the right to privacy. Meanings other than the original have been given to the statement in the years since […]

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Construction site

Other Arrangements Under The BIFA

Beware the Other Arrangement under the BIFA The objective of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (‘BIFA’) is to ‘entitle certain persons who carry out construction work…to a timely payment for the work they carry out…’[1] Its purpose is to ensure money is flowing down the contractual chain. If you think you may need a […]

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