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Book on bankruptcy law

Insolvency amendments

On 24 March 2020, the Morrison Government introduced a number of fundamental changes to the Australian bankruptcy and insolvency laws.

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Construction worker

Dealing with the threat of a suspended or cancelled license

QCAT dispute resolution – QBCC disputes What’s the procedure for dealing with QBCC disputes about license suspension and what are your rights when it comes to QCAT dispute resolution? The QBCC can suspend your license if it believes you do not have the financial means to continue trading or you breach your license conditions in […]

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Construction worker on site

To Stay or not to Stay – How does the QBCC handle the problem?

Dispute resolution solicitor This is the second in a series of blogs regarding the current operations and practices of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (‘the QBCC’) which details the need to always consult with a dispute resolution solicitor if such matters occur and you need help with building contract disputes. Who has the power? […]

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House for sale sold

5 Tips for Choosing your Conveyancing Solicitor

QUESTION How often do we get to purchase a block of land to build our first home or to build the dream home that we’ve been planning for a decade; or to purchase the doer upper we’ve had our eye on 5 streets down; or our first investment property ‘off the plan’? Let the Brisbane […]

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Leaves of the fall

Why should I see a lawyer to make my Will?

Will writing solicitor Why should I see a Will writing solicitor to make a Will? The question I am asked regularly is “Why should I pay a Will writing solicitor to make my Will when I can get one much cheaper, even free”. While we all want something for nothing, quality in a Will is […]

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