What happens at the final QCAT hearing?

In today’s episode of Talking Legal, trusted Brisbane construction lawyer, Duncan Brown, discusses final QCAT hearings.

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Builder using electronic tablet for construction

Expert Witnesses and Expert Advice

How to Share With Just Friends How to share with just friends. Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014 1. What type of matters would require an expert witness?

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Will paper and a pen

Collecting Your Will

In this episode of Talking Legal, trusted Wills and Estates lawyer, Len Watt, discusses how to store and collect your Will.
1. Can I ask my lawyer to store my Will and is that safe storage?

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Dispute Lawyer Fees

What forms can a dispute take?

A dispute can take a number of different forms. A low-level dispute can be a disagreement between two people over something as simple a private car sale.

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Worried building client

Can I Terminate My Building Contract?

In this episode of Talking Legal, construction lawyer, Len Watt, discusses terminating a construction contract. Enquiries about terminating contracts are becoming more prevalent these

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