What You Need to Know About Construction Law

What You Need to Know About Construction Law

Brisbane building contract solicitor

What is Construction Law?

Construction Law includes (but is not limited to) domestic, commercial, industrial, mining and infrastructure. Construction law deals with a range of issues which require a Brisbane building contract solicitors including:

  • building and construction
  • architecture and design
  • engineering and design
  • planning and development applications
  • obligations of a developer
  • obligations of a principal contractor
  • obligations of a sub-contractor
  • QBCC related obligations and issues
  • drafting of contracts pertaining to the respective works
  • design and construct negotiations
  • dispute resolution
  • and much more

Because building and construction are a matter of public safety, there are strict, ever evolving conditions that you need to be aware of. Disputes are unfortunately all too frequent given the scale and complexity of projects, so it’s important to work with an accomplished Brisbane building contract solicitor who can help you complete your project successfully.

Why you need a Becker Watt Construction Lawyer?

No matter the size of your project it is always best to engage a lawyer that genuinely understands the construction industry. With our unique industry experience (principal, Len Watt has 20 years experience working in construction), we can provide a deeper level of advice and assistance to get you the result you want.

To ensure you undertake a successful domestic, commercial, industrial, mining or government construction project you will have to ensure that your project complies with local, state and federal legislation regarding (but not limited to) the following:

  • pre-planning environmental approvals
  • submission and approval of planning and development permits
  • constructing in the appropriate zone or
  • applying for appropriate zoning changes
  • relevant building and construction approvals
  • local council approvals relating to traffic management plans and permits
  • abiding by noise restriction plans
  • employment related legislation
  • OHS related legislation
  • monetary related laws
  • and much more

This is only the tip of the ice berg, which is why it’s worth discussing your project with a lawyer before you make any commitments.

When should you contact us?

It’s best to contact a Becker Watt Lawyers Construction Lawyer BEFORE you begin your domestic, commercial, industrial, mining or government construction project so we can provide advice and assistance that protects you from the beginning. However, you can come to us at any time especially if the following are true:

  • your contracts need to be reviewed so you fully understand your obligations
  • you have any concerns about compliance with any regulations
  • there are any anticipated or ongoing disputes
  • you are already subject to legal action
  • someone has been injured on your site
  • and much more.

Contact Becker Watt Lawyers and speak to one of our highly experienced Brisbane building contract solicitors for confidential advice, no matter what stage of your project you are up to.

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