Early Dispute Resolution

Should you fall into dispute with your builder, the QBCC has an early dispute resolution process. Our lawyers can assist you to understand this process.

You must complete this process before you are able to commence an action against your builder in QCAT.

Speak to Becker Watt Lawyers and one of our QBCC dispute lawyers today.

Defective or Incomplete Works

A QBCC direction to rectify is a reviewable decision under the QBCC Act.

A QBCC direction to rectify is issued to a builder following a complaint by a consumer. The QBCC Act allows either an Internal or External review of that decision. If you do not agree with the outcome of a reviewed decision, you have rights to also have that decision reviewed. This review requires a level of legal expertise. Your rights to have the decision reviewed are subject to a 28-day time frame. It is important that you act within that timeframe or you will lose your rights to have the decision reviewed.

If you wish to review a direction to rectify, it is important that you immediately talk to one of Becker Watt Lawyers experienced QBCC dispute lawyers.

We are also able to assist you with