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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a practical and cost-effective means of resolving conflicts, offering a viable alternative to traditional litigation. ADR is an umbrella term that refers to methods for settling disputes outside the courtroom, allowing parties to negotiate for mutually agreeable solutions.

Becker Watt has a wealth of experience acting as an advocate during ADR for our clients, recognising its inherent flexibility and efficiency acknowledging the flexibility and efficiency.

Types of ADR


Negotiation is a form of ADR where parties involved in a dispute communicate directly with each other to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. This process allows for flexibility and is often done informally.

Expert Determination 

Expert Determination involves an impartial expert assessing the dispute and issuing a binding decision based on their expertise. It offers a swift and cost-effective resolution, particularly beneficial in complex or technical matters.


The most typical form of ADR is mediation, a collaborative process where a neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates discussions between disputing parties. Mediation is typically voluntary, confidential, and focuses on finding common ground, fostering compromise, and preserving relationships. 

Becker Watt provides expert guidance in mediation, providing an efficient and collaborative approach to problem-solving, making it a valuable alternative to traditional litigation.

Navigating ADR

A crucial aspect of ADR is the inherent need for compromise, and clients must approach the process with realistic expectations. At Becker Watt, our ADR lawyers recognise this necessity and work closely with our clients in a goal-oriented manner. Our approach is centred on negotiating the best outcome while maintaining the integrity of our clients’ interests. This commitment ensures that clients not only navigate the ADR process efficiently but also achieve resolutions that align with their objectives. 

ADR, specifically mediation, offer parties a tailored and efficient way to resolve disputes while fostering cooperation and maintaining relationships. This approach aligns with the practical realities of today’s legal landscape, providing a valuable alternative to the complexities and costs associated with traditional court proceedings.

For clients considering the benefits of ADR, Becker Watt stands ready to provide skilled assistance, recognising the advantages and potential resolutions this approach can bring.


The Becker Watt Difference

At Becker Watt we like to think that we are different to a lot of other legal firms. We believe in real world experience intermixed with an in depth knowledge of the law.

We look to build long lasting relationships with our clients, relationships that we value. Get real, down to earth legal advice without the jargon.

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