QBCC Contractor Dispute Lawyer Brisbane

or many years, we have represented Brisbane clients in building disputes as one of Queensland’s premier Building and Construction Law Firms. We’ve handled construction disputes in the Queensland Magistrates Court, Queensland District Court, and Queensland Supreme Court.

Becker Watt Lawyers are tough advocates and we will fight for builders, subcontractors, trade suppliers, homeowners, and body corporates.

Your details with the QBCC are regulated by the Queensland Building and Construction Act 1991 (Qld) (“the QBCC Act”). This type of interaction with the QBCC is under an area of law known as Administrative Law. Should you find yourself in any form of a dispute with the QBCC you need Becker Watt Lawyers to assist you.

We have expertise with the QBCC Act and assisting Contractors in their dealings with the QBCC. If you are affected by a decision of the QBCC you may have a right to review that decision. Those reviews are either Internal reviews or External reviews.

Internal review

The QBCC Act allows for a contractor to review a decision of the QBCC in an internal process. This review can be a cost effective way to deal with a decision made against you by the QBCC. These reviews have very strict time frames.

Let our QBCC dispute resolution lawyer assist you with your Internal Review

External Review

Separately the QBCC Act also allows for a QBCC decision to be reviewed externally in QCAT. This external review also has strict time frames. These reviews take specific forms and require guidance. Becker Watt Lawyers has  significant experience in this area and can assist you.

Speak to our QBCC dispute lawyers today.

Direction to Rectify

A QBCC direction to rectify is a reviewable decision under the QBCC Act. Our experienced QBCC dispute lawyers are able to provide you with the support and direction that you need to commence a review and conduct it appropriately.

A QBCC direction to rectify is issued to a builder following a complaint by a consumer. The contractor’s rights to have the direction reviewed are subject to a 28 day time frame. It is important that you act within that timeframe or you will lose your rights to have the decision reviewed.

If you receive a direction to rectify, it is important that you immediately talk to one of Becker Watt Lawyers’ experienced QBCC dispute resolution lawyers.

Scope of Works review

A QBCC Scope of Works review is a reviewable decision under the QBCC Act. The rights of review are very narrow and require the assistance of an experienced QBCC dispute lawyer.

The time frame for the review of a Scope of Works is 28 days so it is important that in the event you have been provided with a QBCC Scope of Works, you speak to one of our experienced QBCC dispute lawyers today.

Disciplinary Actions

There are various disciplinary actions which can be taken against a contractor. Each different action requires a specific approach. These actions can cause significant impact upon a Contractors QBCC license.

Speak to one of our experienced QBCC dispute resolution lawyers today.

Licence Cancellation or Suspension

Should the QBCC commence an action to either cancel or suspend your QBCC license, you will need specific assistance. Becker Watt Lawyers are able to assist should you find that the QBCC has commenced an action to cancel or suspend your license. Speak to one of our experienced QBCC Dispute Lawyers today.

Contract Compliance

Ensure that your contract is compliant with the QBCC Act. You’ll need a QBCC building contract between yourself and your client or subcontractor whether you’re building a house for a homeowner or working on highrises in the commercial sector. Head contracts, subcontracts, and sub-subcontracts are all included (i.e. contracts between subcontractors). Speak to one of our experienced QBCC Dispute Lawyers and ensure that your building contract is compliant with QBCC standards.

QBCC Home Warranty Insurance Claims

If you are defending a QBCC Home Warranty Insurance claim speak to one of our experienced QBCC dispute lawyers today.