Let our experienced QBCC dispute lawyers assist you with your QBCC matter.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (“the QBCC”) is responsible for the regulation of building and construction industries in Queensland.

The three main areas in which the QBCC controls the building and construction industry are:





As renowned building lawyers, Becker Watt Lawyers have a deep understanding of the challenges and regulations specific to the building and construction industries in Queensland.

Becker Watt Lawyers has extensive experience dealing with matters arising out of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (“the QBCC Act”) and working against the QBCC. This expertise is particularly valuable in complex commercial contexts where construction and commercial law intersect.

We have appeared in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal on numerous occasions instructed by consumers and building contractors to act against the QBCC.

Our Areas of Expertise

At Becker Watt, our expertise in QBCC disputes encompasses a range of critical areas, ensuring comprehensive legal support for our clients.

QBCC Licensing Disputes

We provide adept legal assistance in resolving conflicts related to QBCC licensing, helping clients navigate through complexities to secure or retain their licenses.

QBCC Direction to Rectify

Our team is skilled in addressing Directions to Rectify issued by the QBCC, guiding clients through legal procedures to ensure compliance and dispute resolution.

QBCC Statutory Insurance Scheme Disputes

We specialise in disputes arising from the QBCC Statutory Insurance Scheme, offering strategic advice and representation to protect our clients' interests.

QBCC Decision Review Applications

Our expertise extends to assisting clients with applications for review of QBCC decisions, ensuring fair representation and pursuit of favorable outcomes.

With Becker Watt, you benefit from a dedicated team committed to resolving your QBCC disputes effectively and efficiently.

Why Choose Becker Watt Lawyers

Choosing Becker Watt Lawyers for QBCC disputes in Brisbane means partnering with a team deeply experienced in the nuances of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act.

Our proven track record in representing both consumers and building contractors at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal showcases our commitment to navigating the complexities of licensing, regulation, and insurance under the QBCC.

Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner facing challenges with the QBCC, our dedicated team is here to provide effective, efficient legal support tailored to your unique situation.